Friday numerical modelling workshop

Keynotes 8:40 ISRM / Loew / CSF and Hotel Monte Verità staff Welcome and introduction to Monte Verità
9:00 Meredith Time-dependent weakening and failure in the crust: subcritical crack growth and brittle creep
9:40 Eppes Can long term rock erosion rates be predicted through fracture mechanics?
10:40 Loew Progressive Failure of Brittle Rock Slopes: Field Observations, Modeling Results and Unknowns.
11:20 Diederichs Progressive brittle damage processes and failure in rock
12:00 LUNCH
Field Investigations 13:40 Merrien-Soukatchoff Consequences of daily and annual thermal cycles on fracture propagation and rock slopes stability
14:00 Collins Progressive thermally induced fracture of an exfoliation dome: Twain Harte, California, USA
14:20 Leith Development of a new thermally-induced fracture in a 12,000 year old bedrock surface
14:40 McSaveney The joy of breaking rocks
15:00 McColl Development of an ice-buttressed slope failure: Mueller Rockslide, New Zealand
15:40 Rosser Insights into progressive rockfall failure from 4D scanning
16:00 Ziegler Fractographic analyses of extensional fractures on Alpine valley slopes reveal slow, incremental fracture growth and principal palaeostress directions
16:20 Glueer Paraglacial History and Structure of the Moosfluh Landslide
16:40 Abellan Real-time forecasting of rock slope kinematics as response to precipitation. Application to Veslemannen (SW Norway)
17:00 Hermanns When does progressive rock-slope failure start and how does it develop in time? An analysis from Norway: a landscape dominated by steep alpine relief excavated by multiple glacial cycles
Field Investigations 8:40 Nater Uma Oya MPDP: Lessons learned from excavations under high stress conditions
9:00 Zangerl Progressive failure processes in rock slides: from fractured rocks to the formation of shear zones
9:20 Oppikofer Different stages of progressive failure in unstable rock slopes in Møre & Romsdal County, western Norway
9:40 Nussbaum Estimation of the stress tensor across a stimulated fault zone in the Opalinus Clay, Mont Terri rock laboratory
Lab Investigations 10:40 Brain The effects of stress path and strain rate on the confined compressive strength and failure mode of brittle rocks
11:00 Konietzky Lifetime of rocks – from subcritical to critical crack growth and dynamic triggered failure
11:20 Paraskevopoulou Investigating the long-term behavior of brittle rocks: Visco-elastic creep parameters and time-to-failure.
11:40 Perras Influence of sample geometry on constant-strain relaxation tests
12:00 LUNCH
13:40 Siren Subcritical crack growth in complex stress field at the nuclear waste disposal site in Olkiluoto, Western Finland
14:00 Voigtlaender Time to failure – progression of joints by subcritical crack growth and stress corrosion cracking in Quartzite
14:20 Davies The fate of elastic strain energy in brittle fracture.
Theory and conceptual modelling 14:40 Leith Progressive rock slope instability resulting from fluvial and glacial erosion
15:00 Hallet Ice-related progressive crack growth in rocks
15:40 Puzrin Earthquakes can trigger delayed snow avalanches in milder slopes
16:00 Marc Subsurface rock damage and healing after earthquakes: what do we learn from geomorphological and geophysical data?
16:20 Zerkal The conceptual modeling of the style of rock massif destruction and of its influence on rockslides and rock avalanches formation
16:40 Corthésy  Transient curve analysis for stress measurements involving progressive rock failure
17:00  Ziegler Excursion information
State-of-the-art numerical modelling 8:40 Agliardi Damage-based time-dependent simulation of the progressive failure of large alpine rock slopes
9:00 Kalenchuck The Contribution of Time-Dependent Rib Deterioration to Pillar Bursting Seismicity at Westwood Mine
9:20 Castellanza On the progressive failure of gypsum pillars: FEM vs. FEM/DEM approach
9:40 Suikkanen Evolution of rock damage zone over different time periods for a horizontal variant of KBS-3 repository design
10:00 Dattola Experimental and numerical simulations via a shear banding model for Mont de La Saxe rockslide
10:40 Grämiger Beyond debuttressing: Thermo-hydro-mechanical rock slope damage during glacial cycles
11:00 Eberhardt Progressive failure, rock mass fatigue and early warning applied to deep-seated rock slope failures
11:20 Dansereau A Maxwell-Elasto-Brittle rheology for the small and large deformations of geomaterials
11:40 Damjanac Long-term strength of crystalline rocks
12:00 LUNCH
13:40 Loew / Leith Closing remarks and CSF Award for best young scientist presentation
Working group 14:00 Leith / Perras Working group organization (optional) Optional visit to botanic gardens on Brissago Island
14:20 Leith / Perras / Meredith Round table: Monitoring and modelling progressive failure
15:20 Leith / Perras / Eppes Round table: Progressive failure in a changing climate
16:00 Leith / Perras / Diederichs Round table: Safer infrastructure
PICO session and poster tour Tue 10:00 – 10:40

Viewing all week

Gschwind Evolution and progressive failure of the Preonzo rock slope instability complex (TI, Switzerland)
 D’Angio Preliminary results of vibration modes induced by forced dynamic shaking in a quarry rock wall
 Haselden Wongawilli Colliery Portal and Drift Recovery
 Manconi Spatial and temporal evolution of rock fall activity on a failing slope
 Plasken Interaction of permafrost-affected bedrock and high alpine infrastructure: a distinct element model parameter study
 Steiner Rock failure, swelling, sulfate transport and gypsum precipitation in the invert of two road tunnels
 Stockinger GEOMECHANICAL Characterization of deep geothermal Aquifers by field-, laboratory- and modelling methods
 Arshadnejad Process of the first cracks generating between two neighboring holes under incremental static loading in brittle rocks
 Castellanza On the progressive failure of gypsum pillars: FEM vs. FEM/DEM approach
 Potten DEEP geothermal energy: a geomechanical view